Corporate Data

Company Name

Marubeni Metals Corporation


Head Office

Kudan-center Bldg.,6F
1-7 Kudan-Kita 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-8250 Japan
Tel. 03-3221-3811 Fax. 03-3221-3851

Osaka Branch

Shin Daibiru Building.,27F
2-1 Dojimahama 1-chome,Kita-ku,Osaka 530-0004 Japan
Tel. 06-6347-3710 Fax. 06-6347-3712


January 11, 1983 (Started operation from February 1, 1983)


¥1,300 million (wholly-owned by Marubeni Corporation)

Sales Amount

¥65.6billion (fiscal year ending March 2019)


Hiroyuki Nishida President
Yasushi Nambara Director
Daisuke Tsuchiya Director
Masao Horii Director
Hiroshi Adachi Auditor
Tadashi Unoki Auditor
Seiji Taguchi Auditor
Tetsuya Nomi Managing Executive Officer
Mitsutake Amano Managing Executive Officer
Akira Konishi Executive Officer

No.of Employees

89 (As of April 1, 2020)

Correspondent Banks

Mizuho Corporate Bank,Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Main Businesses

Ingots and Raw Materials

Aluminium ingots;recycled metals;copper cathodes;lead,zinc,tin and nickel ingots;
precious metals;rare metals;aluminium,copper,copper alloys scraps;and nuggets

Diecast Products

Aluminium,zinc and magnesium diecasts;aluminium and copper alloy casting;
aluminium and copper alloy forging

Rolled products

Aluminium and aluminium alloys(sheet,strip,rod,wire,tube,extruded shapes and foil), copper and copper alloys (sheet,strip,rod,wire,tube,extruded shapes and foil) and titanium(sheet,rod and tube)

Materials and processed parts for electronic equipment and other various industries

Electronics materials,magnetic alloy materials,specialty alloy materials,compound semiconductors,liquid crystal parts,substrate materials,LED chips,computer parts fabricated materials for hard disks and semiconductors(abrasive cloths,abrasives, resin cases,abrasive tools and cutting tools),printed circuit boards, magnesium press fabricated goods,office equipment parts,various heat exchangers,high-pressure containers,packaging materials,marine vessel materials,automotive parts, various parts for general electronic appliances and other various electronic parts

Construction materials and housing equipment

Aluminium window sashes,curtain walls,shutters,overhead doors,exterioes(balconies, terraces,fences,gates,etc.),interiors(interior fittings blind and roll screens),partitions, kitchen equipment and other various construction materials,materils and various hardware works

Electrical wire,cable and electric materials

Electrical cables,communication cables,optional fiber cables,electrical wires for equipment, core wires,conduits and other various electrical materials


Corporate History

January Established Marubeni Non-Ferrous Metal Sales Corporation / Michio Hara was appointed as president.
February Started operation
June Akihiro Kurokawa was appointed as president.
April Opened Fukuyama Office
October Transferred electronic wire and rolled copper products trading business from Marubeni
December Transferred part of the aluminium product trading business from Marubeni
April Transferred raw material trading (copper and aluminium scrap and recycled metals) from Marubeni
July Changed the company name to Marubeni Metals Corporation
June Koji Araki was appointed as president.
April Opened Kyusyu Office
April Closed Kyusyu Office / Succeeded trading from Marubeni Osaka Non-Ferrous Metal Section
June Masayoshi Yonezu was appointed as president.
March Closed Fukuyama Office
November Increased capital to 700 million yen
June Yoshiharu Yagi was appointed as president.
January Increased capital to 1,300 million yen
June Yoshishige Murata was appointed as president.
June Takahito Kuboi was appointed as president.
April Reorganized Nagoya Office into Nagoya Sales Section of Materials & Fabricated Products Department Transferred the aluminium product trading business from Marubeni.
April Closed Nagoya Office (Nagoya Sales Section) and transferred their business to Tokyo Head Office.
June Shinji Shindo was appointed as president.
April Moved head office to present location
July Moved Osaka Branch to present location
April Masami Goto was appointed as president.
April Hiroyuki Nishida was appointed as president.