President‘s Message

Marubeni Metals Corporation started in 1983 as a trading company specializing in non-ferrous metals, primarily aluminum and copper, and was able to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2023. This milestone was achieved thanks entirely to the long-standing support of our clients, for which all of our employees are profoundly grateful.
The environment surrounding our company is one of rapid change, making it difficult to predict the future. However, looking ahead to the next 10 to 20 years, we aim to leverage our strengths as a professional group in our industry, products, recycling, trade, and marketing, as well as the global network of the Marubeni Group, to continue building trust-based relationships with our clients. Based on this foundation, we will strive daily to remain a "solution provider" by proposing solutions to social, environmental, and client challenges through:

・Making supply and recycling chains more visible and resilient
・Building a circular economy and engaging in SDGs, including CO2 reduction
・Developing new technologies, products, and applications

We are committed to addressing these challenges and contributing to society and our clients.

President Takateru Ikeda

代表取締役社長 池田 崇輝