Supporting Users with Global, Fine-tuned Sensitivity

The new metal, aluminum, and the oldest metal in history, copper. The non-ferrous metals area of Marubeni Metals is built around these two new and old metals. The company controls the entire flow from upstream to downstream industries and consistently provides comprehensive support that promptly responds to the various needs of users. This is done by providing products ranging from raw materials to processed parts and final products and also to electronic equipment components derived from these and auxiliary materials. The business fields of Marubeni Metals are broadly divided into the four areas of materials, electronic components and processed products, lifestyle industry products, and recycling and raw materials. Each of the areas has established a strong network with overseas and provides commercial materials with high added value gained through our wealth of experience and broad information gathering ability. Furthermore, the company covers logistics, finance and even insurance to provide the support for users to operate with an advantage in the market. This is the duty of a specialized trading company. Please look forward and expect fine-tuned support from us. In addition, apart from these four areas, the company boasts the Development division that conducts technological development above and beyond the non-ferrous metals framework. Marubeni Metals will continue to strive and improve added value in our desire to develop new business areas hereafter, also.