President's Message


Marubeni Metals was established in 1983 as a trading company specializing in non-ferrous metals mainly for domestic markets. Since then, we have provided consistent support to domestic and overseas customers by supplying them processed and manufactured aluminum and copper products in wide range of areas which are essential to our daily lives. Today, our business fields are not only non-ferrous metals, but other areas such as electronic materials, LEDs, organic EL, and solar power generation equipment etc. We are also engaged in domestic, import, export and off-shore trade.
The environment surrounding us is changing day by day, and our customers’ needs are becoming more multifaceted. In order to continuously stay ahead of the times, meet the demand in society, and realize Marubeni Metals’ spirit of "Continue to be a CHALLENGER," we will drive new initiatives forward that require innovation such as environmental consideration and effective use of resources.

President  Hiroyuki Nishida

代表取締役社長 西田 浩之