The Strength of Non-Ferrous Materials Generating High Technology Products

Aluminum and copper possess superior properties essential for electronics and leading-edge technologies owing to their corrosion resistance, high workability, high conductivity, non-magnetization and high thermal conductivity. These material properties are sought for components in automobiles, air conditioners, computers and a broad range of other high technology products that make our lives more comfortable. Representative products of Marubeni Metals in this category include print circuit boards; grid rollers; oil coolers, radiators and heat sinks for automobiles and industrial machinery; and other products. These products have been highly appraised by our users. Moreover, the company boasts top-level performance in the industry for the export of copper tubing for air conditioners and plays a solid role in the global air-conditioner market. Marubeni Metals also handles ultra precision polishing pads (polishing cloth) and slurry (polishing agent) essential for HDD aluminum and glass disks and has secured a large share in these areas. The company also has LED chips, a commercial material for the leading-edge technology field and is tackling market expansion as the master sales agent in Japan of an outstanding U.S. supplier of LED chips. Marubeni Metals will continue to provide a broad range of commercial materials for areas from non-ferrous processed components to related products centering on the electronic components field.

Handled Products

Electronics components and auxuailiy materials
Mugnesium products, printed circuit boards, grid rollers, copper-clad laminate aheets magnetic-dicast products, materials for hard disk drives(polishingpad, polishing slurry),etc.

Heat exchangers
intercoolers, radiators, oil coolers, heat pipes, fan motors,etc.

Air conditioner-related materials, etc.
Copper tubes for air conditioners. copper tubes processed products for air conditioners and refrigerators,copper strips for semicondoctors, tungsten-molybdenum wire for electoric bulbs, etc.

LED chips / CNG containers / Casting forged steel materials