The Strength of Non-Ferrous Materials Generating High Technology Products

We are aggressively expanding our handling of printed circuit boards, which are essential for HDDs and SSDs installed in data centers and PCs. In the midst of fierce market competition between Japanese and overseas products in terms of quality, performance, price, etc., we select suppliers that meet our customers' needs from a global perspective and aim to continue acquiring the "leading role" ahead of the times through speedy business development.

Electronic equipment parts and vice-material

  • Grit roller

    The high-quality and high-definition prints demanded by today's output devices require highly accurate paper feeding performance in proportion to the image quality. The grit rollers we handle are high-precision paper feed rollers that can meet such customer needs.

  • Various consumables for electronic components

    Various consumables for electronic components are required during the manufacturing process of hard disks used in computers. We offer a range of processing materials including abrasives for polishing disks, polishing cloths, and resin containers for in-process and transportation purposes. In addition to hard disks, we also provide a diverse range of commercial materials for other fields, such as saw wire and chip trays for the semiconductor industry, as well as rust inhibitors for rare earth magnets and other products.

  • Printed circuit board

    Semiconductor memory is a typical electronic device. The market for semiconductor memory continues to expand as it is used in data centers and mobile terminals in response to the new normal, and semiconductor memory itself is a dynamic world that continues to evolve daily through circuit miniaturization and multi-layer technology. We work with our partners to provide a stable supply of high-density multi-layer printed circuit boards for semiconductor memory modules to leading semiconductor manufacturers in Japan.

  • Chip Tray

    As a distributor of Entegris Japan, a leading manufacturer of products that refine, protect, and transport valuable materials used in semiconductors, flat panel displays, hard disk drives, and other high-tech fields, we offer a variety of chip trays to meet your needs.

A material for the industry and specification

  • Copper Strip for Motor

    Copper strips for motors are essential commercial materials for small motors used in power windows of automobiles. In order to maintain a high level of quality in motors, they must have excellent resistance to abrasion. We deal in copper strips with high wear resistance to which "silver" has been added, contributing to the shift to EVs in automobiles.