Construction Materials Creating a Comfortable Living Environment

Nonferrous metals such as aluminum and copper are now indispensable in our daily lives. We believe that it is our duty as a specialized trading company to propose materials suited to the applications of our products and to supply them reliably and promptly through a complete distribution system. We are also actively developing new value-added products to meet the various needs of our users.

Container, packing material

  • Aluminum Container Materials

    Aluminum cans are characterized by their high thermal conductivity, easy cooling, robustness, and airtightness. In addition to being used as beverage cans for beer, soft drinks, and other beverages, aluminum cans are also widely used as containers for foodstuffs, tennis balls, and other commercial products closely related to daily life.

  • Aluminum foil (processed and finished products)

    Aluminum foil is used everywhere around us, from packaging materials for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals to electrolytic capacitors and heat insulators for houses. We handle a wide range of commercial products for these applications and have long supplied high-purity laminated films used as lids for lactic acid beverages. In recent years, we have also seen growth in new demand, such as for high-strength foils for lithium batteries.

Building materials, equipment of a house apparat

  • Aluminum molds for building materials

    Aluminum profiles are aluminum extrusions molded and processed into various shapes. They are essential building materials for sashes, handrails, and building shades that provide protection to buildings. We consistently handle all these materials and products.