Iris recognition and Construction Materials that
Create a Comfortable Living Environment

Iris recognition is one of the biometric authentication technologies that perform personal authentication using information on human ecological characteristics (voice, face, fingerprint, iris, vein, DNA, etc.).
The iris is a thin ring-shaped membrane between the cornea and crystalline lens of the eyeball, and no two are the same and are stable throughout the life of a human being. Iris recognition, which is the most accurate human identifier excluding DNA and identifies it, is the most accurate identification method among many biometrics. In addition, this iris recognition is non-contact and can be authenticated even with the mask on, ensuring safety and security in terms of hygiene.
It is mainly used in facilities with a high level of security, sites where people change frequently, workplaces where people come and go frequently, and facilities where hygiene management is strictly required.
As for construction materials and plant related products, the company handles aluminum window sash, blinds and other metal products along with a full range of related construction material products.
The company have also participated in numerous international tenders for the supply of various types of power cables and have achieved excellent results in the delivery of cables to overseas energy projects.

Products Handled

Iris recognition

Construction-related materials
Aluminum frames for builds, window sashes and other use, swiches, inverters, slats,
other construction materials, con structions (fittings, metals, roofs, kichen, hand reils, gutters), support structure for PV panel/module, battery, cable and accessories, etc.