Iris recognition and Construction Materials that
Create a Comfortable Living Environment

The advanced information technology society supported by the IT industry that makes possible international communications, the Internet, and the new areas of remote medicine via satellite communications and the like, has only been realized because of the high performance communication network laid around the world like blood vessels in the body. The technological methods that realize these are diverse, and the throughout the world's oceans are said to total 800,000km in length and roughly 20 revolutions of the earth. The wire and cable export division of Marubeni Metals provides advanced information and products based on international criteria unique to a specialized trading company. These products cover both the ground and submarine areas and consist of wires and cables to power and communications.
Marubeni Metals participates in a number of international bids for constructing submarine cables and various overseas plants as joint projects with the sogoshosha(general trading company) Marubeni Corporation and the company has also built up a blue-chip resume in this area.As for construction materials and plant related products, the company handles aluminum window sash, blinds and other metal products along with a full range of related construction material products. Furthermore, the company provides diverse services ranging from construction using the above to fund procurement and hedging against country risks.

Products Handled

Iris recognition

Construction-related materials
Aluminum frames for builds, window sashes and other use, swiches, inverters, slats,
other construction materials, con structions (fittings, metals, roofs, kichen, hand reils, gutters), support structure for PV panel/module, battery, cable and accessories, etc.