The Role of the Metal Recycling Systems: A Key to the Earth's Future

Aluminum and copper are resources suitable for recycling. As a company that focuses on "nonferrous metals," we prioritize the earth's limited resources and actively address environmental issues. By incorporating environmental concerns into our business, we aim to contribute to the efficient use of resources.

Electric facilities material

  • Photovoltaic Equipment

    We handle a wide range of products and materials for solar power generation equipment, from large-scale domestic solar projects (mega-solar projects) to small-scale industrial projects.
    For photovoltaic racks, we consider the dimensions and environmental conditions of each project, and we can deliver the equipment as an assembled unit.

  • Scrap

    • Aluminum Scrap and Recycled Ingot

      The recycling rate of aluminum cans in Japan has reached 92%, and environmental measures are taking effect everywhere. We are expanding our environmental business on the world stage by importing scrap metal (scrap generated in the process of making products) from overseas can manufacturing plants for reuse. We are working on environmental measures from the unique perspective of a trading company specializing in nonferrous metals.

    • Copper Scrap and Recycled Ingot

      Copper scrap is recycled as raw materials for copper strips, copper pipes, electric wires, copper sheets, etc., contributing to the improvement of our lives and industrial development. We always keep recycling in mind while engaging in commercial activities from a global perspective.