Copper and Aluminum: Materials Representative of 21st Century Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper are now indispensable in our daily lives. We believe that it is our duty as a specialized trading company to propose materials suited to the applications of our products and to supply them reliably and promptly through a complete distribution system. We are also actively developing new value-added products to meet the various needs of our users.

  • Aluminum sheet (thin and thick)

    Aluminum sheet is in high demand as a material for a wide range of applications, and we offer a wide range of products, from thin sheets to thick plates, to meet the needs of our customers. Thin aluminum sheets are used for construction materials and industrial machinery, while thick sheets are used for LNG tankers and tanks, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and LCD panel manufacturing equipment, and are highly valued for their quality.

  • Aluminum extrusion shapes

    Aluminum extrusion shapes are widely used in construction materials such as sashes and pipes, as well as frames and bodies for office automation equipment and special-purpose vehicles. In addition to offering various shapes, we also provide material options and mold manufacturing services.

  • Aluminum Striped Plate

    Aluminum striped plates are used for truck lifts and cargo bed floors, among other applications. The striped pattern is created by passing the plate through a grooved roll during the final rolling process in aluminum coil manufacturing. This pattern provides a non-slip effect when the plate is used as a sheet.

    More recently, aluminum striped plates have also been applied to building materials and decorations. Different stripe patterns are available to suit various applications, with variations in anti-slip effectiveness and drainage properties. We offer a range of products to cater to different needs and requirements.


  • Copper, Copper Alloy

    Copper, copper alloys, and other raw materials are formed into sheets, strips, bars, wires, tubes, shapes, foils, and other forms as a preliminary step to commercialization. We select raw materials and optimize alloy ratios according to the quality and characteristics required for each product and handle materials suited to individual needs.